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Thank you to all our contributors!
Your support and encouragements helped us to survive this crowdfunding campaign stress!
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Pleased to announce you the return of Twinsen among us. Discover or rediscover his adventures on mobiles and tablets. Little Big Adventure is available on :

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Feel free to join the LBA Facebook Fan Page to share your fellings about the game and come to admire our  Fan Art Gallery.



November 18, 2013 - 11:30

Frédérick Raynal and Eric Chahi play the game at the Retro Game Jam:

"An intense video game creation session, targetted to hobbyists, professionals and other passionnates of retrogaming. 32 hours to create a game observing set constraints..."

Discover the game Fred's done for this Game Jam: Killer Bunny Hunter


For the 25th anniversary of the game PopCorn, Ludoïd is proud to present you its remake. Programed in 1988 by Christophe Lacaze et Frederick Raynal for 8086 MsDos PC with 4 colors CGA graphics, PopCorn is now playable on PC Windows, Flash, Android and iOS !

Follow this link:   PopCorn 1988



JUNE 15-16, 2013

During PIXEL HEAVEN 2013, we invite you to a series of unusual presentations on topics related to games, computers and demoscene from 80s and 90s! Curiosities, unique stories and memories told by the people who participated in the creation of gaming entertainment industry. All that in the friendly atmosphere of the people, who remember the best times of the electronic entertainment. 
Q&A with…Frederick RAYNAL: Frederick will tell us about the beginning of survival horror motives in game development and its influence to the games of today that scare millions of players around the world. The conversation will be moderated by Piotr „Micz” Mankowski.

Facebook Page

Game Dev Party est une association lyonnaise ayant pour but la création et la promotion des jeux vidéo indépendants en Rhône Alpes. L’évènement phare de l’association du même nom regroupe le temps d’un week-end des passionnés et leur permet de realiser un rêve: créer un jeu.

La Game Dev Party lance une série de rencontres autour du jeu vidéo (musique, design, gameplay, technique…) ouvertes à tous. Ce cycle de conférences se poursuit le mercredi 13 mars 2013 à 19h00 en recevant à la Maison du Livre, de l’Image et du Son de Villeurbanne, une légende du jeu vidéo : Frédérick Raynal

Site Officiel de Game Dev Party


Made in partnership with OUAT Entertainment, the new enhanced version of 10.000 Chests, Lucky Pirate is now available on Facebook. 

10,000 Chests for iPod, iPhone & iPad is available for free on the AppStore. It works with the Game Center, so you can compare your score against others and try to become the best player on earth ! 

Players list is growing fast and already millions of coins have been earned in a few hours. With 10,000 Chests there is no crysis and no austerity. The more you play, the more you win. Try your luck !


Do you like surprises? Did you spend too many coins in slot machines?  Did your nails turn black scratching card games?  Did you spend nights to look for keys to open your favorite RPG's chests or treasure room? 

Then 10,000 Chests is for you!

We give you the keys, the chests are in front of you, so  “open’m all!” Retrieve gold coins, more and more of them always more!  Explore a new dungeon, with more chests to open. The chests are filled with treasures and all kinds of potentially magical or explosive items! Increase your total coins tally. 

This is not just a random game: learn how to make the best  use of  bonuses and  tools  to  considerably boost your score. 

Official 10,000 Chests web page


The European Indie Game Days (EIGD), first professional European independent video games meetings, will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of July in Marseille and will federate European independent studios.  Almost 300 professionals are expected, but also students from most renowned schools and professionals from the media.

More than 10 round tables, conferences and other meetings will take place during the two-day event.

The different commercial, marketing, financial, legal and innovative aspects of independent video games creators will be addressed and discussed by experienced professionals and experts of different nationalities attending the event.

Among the speakers participating in the EIGD, you will meet Jeff Minter (Llamasoft-UK), Dino Dini (NHTV University-NE), Frédérick Raynal (Ludoïd-FR), Heather Kelley (Kokoromi-AU), Chris Priestman (Indie Game Magazine-UK)…

Today,  while digging inside Little Big Adventure 2 backups, we found back some "high res" pictures from LBA2. Nothing new but it gave us the idea to make an Oripuzzle with them.

You might have already find Oripuzzle in the Fred's Lab. This is where you can find the file to download and print.



Hi ! Welcome to our new web site. 

Feel free to create an account and send your comments to us. There are a lot of new things on this new website, and there is always room for improvement . Give your suggestions. Your help is most welcome!

Ludoid Team

When I'm bored working on a game, I invent another one. Just for me, my family, sometimes my friends. To clear my head, I explore, learn, try... I have always done that since I discovered computers and electronics thirty one years ago when I was 15 years old. However, those unpretentious recreational activities, experimentations or practices, usually ended up on a forgotten hard disk or in a drawer.

But today, thanks to the web and all those different game devices, I have decided to open my toys' chest to share all my good memories and my most recent  homemade with you. Explore FRED's LAB, play the games . You will enjoy them.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the game "Alone in the Dark" I was invited at the Game Developper Conference in San Fransisco as a speaker to do a PostMortem of this game which was two so intense years of my life.

A lot of stress, it was difficult to focus on my pronunciation and what I have to say. At least I hope it was understandable and interesting as I uncovered anecdotes and some secrets that led this game to be the first Survival Horror 3D game.

Read more...

bOxOn is a mixture of the Taquin game and the modern "Same Games" and is inspired by Tetris and Rush Hour. It revisits the genre of the sliding puzzle and offers a completely new gaming experience that surprises by its simplicity and its cleverness.

Official bOxOn's Webpage

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