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WireFred dev tools demo

Very Experimental alpha prototype, a lot of features are Work In Progress. 

It's not a real game yet but the spirit is here.

Creation of models and scripts are saved in the local file system. Modification in the local file system are saved on your computer through browser functions so it can not be harmful to it. There is one local file system for each mode (above buttons) (Very inconvinient, I know).

Work well with Chrome for PC and Mac.  Done with Monkey BRL language.

WireFred 0.1 is a simulated computer system that you explore, conquer and build from an old weird computer terminal.

Where I want to go:

Solo/local Fight and survive against the system. Conquer the memory cells from simple data zones to advanced protected system installations. Build your defenses to keep your cells healthy !

Solo/online: Share your Models, Scripts and Custom Cells with friends. Build levels to play or explore and invite your friends inside them.

Multi/online: Several players can join the same memory cell to play together, fight against other players or work in collaboration

Mobile/Tablets: Play the standalone mini-games extracted from the WireFred world. Creations made on the web with the WireFred tools can be imported.



  • English only

Text Terminal

  • Execute commands, programs and scripts from keyboard ('help', 'list', 'login', 'dir',...)
  • Fonts &  colors choice ('font Amstrad 3', 'color text yellow', 'color paper blue')
  • Play MOD,XM, …
  • Synthetic voice

Graphical User Interface

  • Movable and resizable windows ('gui')
  • Background animations (desktop and windows)
  • Menu buttons
  • Drag and drop between windows (3D models only yet)

3D Models

  • Wireframe only
  • Line style and color choice
  • Infinite loop animations  (frames interpolation done but not editable yet, 'view Twinsen')

3D Worlds

  • Alive entities
  • Collisions
  • Quadtree
  • Several active worlds at the same time
  • Multiple views (ex: 'explore wireceptor' + 'camera' + 'visualcell')


('list program')

  • Modeler
    • Create, Edit and animate wireframe 3D models
  • VisualCell Editor
    • Create & Edit 3D worlds
    • Quite basic yet (no multiselection)
    • Soon: autonomous entities, triggers, scripts, …)
  • DataField
    • Test game for Mobile and Tablets

Web implementation (best with Chrome)

  • HTML5 version
    • Done with Monkey language (can run on all other platforms without modification)
  • Music playback from Javamod
  • Voice from Speak.js
    • WebGL2D patch for Monkey from Devolonter
    • Use 2D functions only (Monkey 3D engine)
    • +dedicated webgl calls for batch rendering
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