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Return to previous menu.

Back. Click as many times as necessary to return to the desired state. Right-clicking the mouse also works.

Restart the board from the beginning. A double-click on PC and MAC or a long pressure on iPad is enough to put all Boxonites back in their place.

Is displayed if the level has been solved successfully at least once. It is reset at each restart.


Back to the main menu. Stopwatch is stopped.


Returns to the latest level in the state you left it.

Enables you to turn off or turn on the music without switching off the sounds of the game.




Dans la liste des niveaux, vous pouvez attraper et lancer la liste avec le bouton gauche de la souris pour voir plus de niveaux (version complète).

Pendant le jeu, le bouton droit de la souris fait la même chose qu'un clic sur l'icône UNDO.

Keyboard shortcuts


                [Escape]: Back in menus and quit

                [M]:  Music On/Off


                [U] : Undo the last move

                [R]: Restart the current level

                [ENTER]/[SPACE]:  simplified Keyboard game

Levels list:

                [UP]&[DOWN]: scroll list up and down slowly

                [PAGE UP]&[PAGE DOWN]: scroll list up and down slowly

                [HOME]&[END]: start and end of levels list

Simplified Keyboard Game:

                CURSOR KEYS: move the on screen hand

                [SPACE][ENTER]: grab or release boxonites, does an UNDO if hit on an empty square on the board.


                [H]: hand mouse cursor


                [X]: toggle a fix for a display bug on some video card. If you experiment remaining pixels around the screen in full screen mode try to press this key once.


The screen mode can be change in menus: Options/Display/Screen. Windowed is the default mode, you can go full screen with the same game board size, or real full screen mode. 

If the game is too slow, you can try to change the graphic quality in Options/Display/Quality: choose Low.

User configuration File

There is a user configuration file that can be edited to change some options: bOxOn_User_Profile.txt

 Be sure the game is not running when you modify it.

This file is generated at the first launch of the game and is located at:

For Windows XP:   C:/Documents & Settings//Application Data/bOxOn/

 For Windows Seven:  C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/bOxOn/

Thoses directories can be hidden, in that case modify Windows option to enable the view of hidden files.

Screen Resolution

In this file you can change the default resolution to increase or decrease the windows size. Use suggested good screen resolutions (or do the math) to change those 3 parameters:  Resolution X, Resolution Y, Block Size.

The Screen Mode is selectable from the game menus.


The configuration file directory also contains languages files.

Default languages files are generated at the first launch.

Chinese and Hebrew are not displayed by default because the original bOxOn font doesn't have all needed characters.

To enable one of those languages, you need to put a Font file ( with a .TTF extension ) in the configuration directory. Choose whatever font you like from your own C:/Windows/Fonts/ directory and copy it to the configuration directory.

Universal font like Cyberbit.TTF allows the selection of all the embedded languages but its huge size can make the game crashes on some system.

If your language does not exist, you can create it. Copy an existing language file to another one with the right name for your language. Modify it and add the bitmap of the flag. At the next launch your language should be displayed in Options/Language menu.

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