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  • A double-click on the "Note" Icon allows you to have the various musical themes cycle.
  • On iPad, the Multitouch function allows to increase the scroll speed of the levels list by using 2 or 3 fingers simultaneously.
  • The iPad Multitouch enables you to move several Boxonites at a time. So it is possible to have 2 kids play at the same time at an easy level.
  • To clean a bOxOn level, you must focus on one colour of Boxonite at a time. If you can't solve a level, start again from scratch and select another starting colour. When you have experience, you will determine fairly easily which colour should be suppressed in priority.
  • On complex levels, it is essential "to make spaces" by arranging secondary Boxonites without agglomerating them, so that you can free some space and move Boxonites you have decided to suppress first.
  • The style of Boxonites can be changed at any time, even during the game. So if you can't progress on a level, consider changing style. A different layout with more contrast in colours can allow you to look at the bOxOn game with a fresh eye.
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