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Click on a closed chest to open it and retrieve its content. Opening a chest takes one key out of your keychain. You start with eight keys, so you can open eight chests.

Most of the chests contain gold coins, but some offer other treasures and new tools to increase your odds to win and to raise your score.  Some chest can be empty as well...

Your available keys and tools are stacked on the left side of the screen. The flashing tool at the top is the one that will be used when you click on a chest to open, explore or break it.

When all your keys are used, you are done with the current room.

All your collected coins are multiplied thanks to gem bonuses and added to the total score.

To enter a new room click on the tower door. Doing so a key is used and removed from your keychain, thus you start in a new room with one key less than in the previous room.

Then keep playing until your keychain is empty. But, as long as you still have one key or one tool to use you can increase your keys number adding some Extra-Keys.

You earn them as rewards when you increase your score, buy them in the shop with the coins you found in chests or with real money.



One gold coin is worth one point.

The more your level is high, the more the chests contain coins. With one million coins you can buy 3 Extra-Keys. With one million coins you can also buy 10.000 chests to raise your level quicker. But be careful the price doubles every time.


It is a gold coin turned to platinum with a Magic Wand. It is worth 10 points.


Flasks fill the magic gauge shown on the right side of the tower. When it reaches the tower height you’ll be a magician for thirty seconds.

While being a magician you can see inside every chest for a short time when you click on a regular chest. You need to be quick to find most important chests and retrieve their content. When a chest is charmed, regular keys and tools work as usual on them. If you are fast enough you can explore several rooms.


Diamonds multiply the number of coins found in each room (x2 white, x5 green, x10 red). They increase your score a lot. If you find a diamond with your last key in the last room you enter a bonus room.


Gifts are rare items. If you find one in a chest, you will open it at the end of the game. They offer collection items.

A collection is completed when you found the four different items that compose it. While playing, you can exchange it with a tool that will be added on your tool stack using the “Get Extra Tool” menu.



Eight keys allow eight room explorations in the same game, but it can be more: Some chests contain keys, when you find one or more keys they are added to your keychain and your stack. It means that you can open as many new chests in this room and gain access to as many new rooms! 


A hammer breaks a chest and delivers its content like a key. But it does not add a new room when you find it.


The magic wand opens only chests that contain gold coins. When it is the case it changes gold to platinum multiplying their value by 10! It cannot open an empty chest nor one containing a special item or bonus. In both cases you will see a crossed-out coin on the chest. 



The magnifying glass reveals the content of a chest without opening it. When there are only magnifying glasses or crystal ball in the stack, they are automatically added to the next room’s stack or to the next game's stack.



The crystal ball shows the content of nine chests at a time, the eight chests around the ninth you are clicking. 




The bomb breaks and reveals the content of five chests at a time. While the countdown is running, you are still able to move the bomb. Click on it, it will go back to the stack, and click again on a chest to replace it. Be quick, because the bomb can explode on the stack, thus not opening any chest.




A fire ball opens every chest above the chosen one as long as they are closed. So you can open up to six chests.



In each game you can add up to two Extra Keys to your keychain. They work as regular keys.

If you buy them in the shop with real money you can use up to 4 Extra Keys per game. You can decide to buy them in the middle of a game to immediately be able to add 4 Extra Keys.

It is good to add Extra-Keys when you run out of keys at a critical time, for example if you are very near to win the best score or you have just one key left and see three very useful items to grab. Last rooms offer more bonuses…

States of chests

Closed chest. Can be empty or containing coins, treasure or tools.

Closed chest. Visible content thanks to a magnifying glass or a crystal ball.

Tested chest by a magic wand. Crossed out coin means empty chest or tools or treasure, but no coins.

Opened chest, content revealed : here 420 coins.

Broken chest by a hammer, a bomb or a fire ball, releasing its content : here 420 coins.

Empty chests, destroyed by Looser Bonus (4 empty chests opened in a row). Thoses chests can no longer be opened.

Tools/Chests interaction


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