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2008 One evening, in Romania, Pascal A. asked me: “Is it possible to make a game in five minutes ?”. I answered: “Mmmm, possible but what you get will be proportional to the time spent.”. As I like challenge, I tried.

My laptop, my favorite language Blitzmax, and here we go. So, an idea first, has to be simple, procedural, minimalist entities and avatar, ok a pixel will do, another one moved with mouse, then a bunch of other pixels, waiting. If I move the hero close to another pixel it starts to follow me, but if it touches me I inflate up to death and it escapes. When they all follow me, the goal is completed, five minutes, need to adjust speeds and distances, six minutes, it must display Game Over to be a complete game, seven minutes, done. Ok, so it is actually a seven minutes game, but the challenge is almost achieved. 

The result you can see below is actually an enhanced version. A two hours train trip later, some tuning, some informative display about score and level and we have a complete game. It was hard to resist not adding features (like a Boids behavior for followers) but I didn’t want to change the former gameplay. 

Oh yes, when you press down the mouse button the followers move faster toward you, it helps to “clean” the screen when it is crowdy, the goal is 90% followers from the starting still dots, you lose if you touch too much dots.

Finally it took two hours and seven minutes for a poorly playable game, but that was a lot of fun to make it. The conclusion is that you should not mistake the pleasure you can take from doing a thing with the pleasure you can have from the achieved thing! That is even truer for electronic gadgets and robots.

And to be fully honest, I needed two more hours to convert it to HTML5 (thanks to Monkey, the Blitzmax’s son) to put it on this page. Here too, I enjoyed it a lot :)

Full Screen mode:  Followers

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