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PopCorn Memories

This is the best game ever played. Very simple. Normally hard and very interested.
Justin De Lucia
Easily one of the best breakout titles on DOS especially with the editor, the remake is good as well. I highly recommend it.
So great memories from making this game !
Tell me yours !
Установка батарей отопления егорьевск обслуживание инженерных сист...
In my childhood I played this game hundreds, probably thousands of hours. It's one of the games that inspired me to create games myself, and now I'm a...
Slt Fred,
Je viens juste de découvrir cette adaptation que j'ai évidemment immédiatement téléchargé.
SUPER !!!!!
Que de souven...

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The Flash version is fine for a quick view, but if you want to discover or relive the true sensations of PopCorn in full screen, download the PC version. Even better, to take benefit from the HD screens of modern mobile devices, low definition sprites are animated in high resolution for a 21st century perfect fluidity.

All PopCorn 1988 versions are programed with Monkey language.

To play directly in your web browser with the Flash version click the button below.

PopCorn Flash

In the last century, a friend of mine, Christophe Lacaze came to visit me in my office installed in the attic of my father's store, Vidéomatique.

At that time, I developed emulators and Minitel servers for personal computers (Amstrad CPC) and PC (Amstrad PC1512). There was always a hidden game inside. (Minitel is an old French online 1200 bauds Terminal given in the 80's with home phone subscription. Already back then, users were able to connect to various online services).

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20 points

Regular brick, 1 hit to destroy it, it may give a bonus plate.

20 points

Regular brick, 1 hit to destroy it, it may give a bonus plate.

0 point

Undestroyable brick

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PC & Flash:

[P] Palettes : change current colors set from palettes available in CGA

[V] Version: display the program version number

[S] Sounds:  None, 1988 original fx, 2013

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