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Slt Fred,
Je viens juste de découvrir cette adaptation que j'ai évidemment immédiatement téléchargé.
SUPER !!!!!
Que de souven...
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Justin De Lucia
Easily one of the best breakout titles on DOS especially with the editor, the remake is good as well. I highly recommend it.
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So great memories from making this game !
Tell me yours !
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PC & Flash:

[P] Palettes : change current colors set from palettes available in CGA

[V] Version: display the program version number

[S] Sounds:  None, 1988 original fx, 2013

PC only:

[F] Fullscreen:   switch screen mode: Windowed or Fullscreenou plein écran.

Alpha tests:

Keyboard and Joystick implementations are not yet complete. Menu navigation is missing.

When the ball is ready to be launched (with a click if you use the mouse)


[SPACE] to select the Keyboard mode

  •     Bat: Left & Right cursor keys
  •     Launch ball, shoot, unglue: [SPACE]
  •     Pause: [ESCAPE]

(A) on a Joystick, to select joystick mode

  •     Bat: Left Stick
  •     Launch ball, shoot, unglue: (A) button
  •     Pause:  (Start) button
Comments (5)
1Wednesday, 29 January 2014 15:39
I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. !!!!!!! But , there seems to be some problems with this game. Frst off. You cannot save and quick the level at the game you choose to save... AND YES YOU CAN PAUSE IT. BUT THATS IT , if by chance you're not able to pause you lose the level you're in and the WOREST part you have to START ALL OVA AGAIN FROM LEVEL ONE :( .... Not happy. About these issues. I can PROMISE YOU THAT IF YOU UPGRADE THIS GAME YOU WILL HAVE ALOT OF FANS OR CUSTOMERS THAT WILL GO CRAZY FOR UOUR POP CORN GAME. YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE OVERALL GAME A 100percnt. But. Again it's important tat you're able to save n quit the level you need to return at tat level. Please FIXXXXX. THIS AWESOME GAME. !!!!!
2Monday, 17 February 2014 19:33
The save feature is on its way. A new release will soon be available...
3Saturday, 29 March 2014 01:56
peut on jouer a plusieurs joueurs ?je réussis à jouer à qu'un seul joueur ! merci
pour ce souvenir , jadore ce jeu
4Tuesday, 15 September 2015 11:44
Je viens de découvrir l'existence de cette version du jeu (je ne connaissais que l'original, sur disquette, auquel je jouais au début des années 90).
Au premier essai (après 30 ans), j'ai atteint le niveau 39. Et là, j'ai découvert qu'on ne pouvait pas sauver le niveau atteint (et les points n'apparaissent même pas dans les High Scores).
A quand la fonctionnalité de sauvegarde?
5Sunday, 15 April 2018 13:12
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